To enhance the well-being of accredited investors by constructing and managing world class, unbiased structured and commodity products.


To be recognized as a world leader in structured investments and commodities for accredited investors.

Great Bay Global enhances the well-being of accredited investors by constructing and managing world class, unbiased structured transactions and commodities.

“We strive to become a world leader in structured investments and commodities for accredited investors.”



Trading Desks

- Electricity
- Hydrocarbons

Structured Transactions

- Distressed debt
- Corporate & government debt
- Consumer lending pools
- Real assets: hedged and distressed

Operational & Advisory

- Debt structuring and acquisition
- Corporate structuring and oversight
- Shareholder services and advisory
- Growth and acquisition services



- Energy
- Industrials
- Real estate


- Private equity
- Hedge funds
- High net worth


- Trading
- Acquisitions & oversight
- Debt & corporate structuring
- Deep industry knowledge

Great Bay Global has a long, proven track record in trading wholesale commodities. We have constructed a number of commodity investment products for our accredited investors that are non-correlated, process driven, disciplined risk management and liquid investments.

Great Bay Global is the investment manager of several funds which are organized as series limited liability companies.

Wholesale Electricity Fund

Great Bay Horizon (Series 1), LLC is our wholesale electricity fund. This fund has a storied audited track record over 5 years in duration, generating consistent, liquid, non-correlated returns.

This fund transacts in the Independent System Operators' market such as (PJM, MISO and ERCOT), trading short-term electricty contracts. It generates returns through disciplined processes that digests the electric markets complexity and captures short-trem variations through precise execution and systems. To learn more, please contact us.


Hydrocarbons Fund

Great Bay Horizon (Series 2), LLC, is our hydrocarbon fund. This fund transacts in the entire hydrocarbon complex and is relatively new to Great Bay Global product offering with an amazing, audited, non-correlated, track record that is rivaling our Wholesale Electricty Fund.

The hydrocarbon fund generates its returns through disciplined and systematized processes to capture short to mid-term market variations. To learn more, please contact us.




Great Bay Horizon (Series 3), LLC is the Structured Transactions, and Investment and Advisory division of Great Bay Global, LLC; specializing in structured transactions related to energy, industrial, real assets and debt backed opportunities. Our team has significant experience in complex transaction resolution, deal structuring, and negotiations for both debt and equity participants.

We also we act as strategic partners providing value add services such as operational efficiency strategies and oversight, shareholder services, and growth strategy implementation.


The Structrured Assetsdivision focuses on downside protection by creating low exposure alternative strategies. Distressed assets create unique opportunities but also provide unique challenges. Being prepared for these challenges is a critical part of the asset acquisition and disposition cycle.

When planning to make an investment, the exit is as important as the entry point. We target short term returns but prepare for longer term strategic positions. Doing so creates multiple exit points while building value, giving the strongest leverage points to the investor. As a partner with deep operational expertise, we create the options that allow investors to take the most optimal exit.



Our team has cross-border and international, structural and operational experience. We focus on debt and real asset strategies in real estate, energy and industrial sectors.

With deep rooted relationships across the financial industry and proven track records, Great Bay Global combines the best of strategic and private capital. Our years of experience and the strenght of our relationships help to conclude.


Management & Delivery
Pipeline & Distribution
Well Head Development
Production Management and Sales

Asset Management
Portfolio Management
Power Plant Capacity Management


Industrial Chemicals
Specialty and Cutting Fluids
Process Integration
Management and Delivery

Electric Vehicle Platform
- Battery & Management Systems
- Software & Control Systems
- Drive Train Components

Legacy Platforms
- Die Casting
- Power Train
- Components and Assembly

Manufacturing & Packaging

Electric Motors & Assemblies

Precision Machining


Distressed Debt
Public & Private
Large Portfolio Positions
Single Asset Debt

Corporate Debt

Government Debt



Minority Debt/Equity Positions

Convertible or Preferred Debt


Distressed Assets

Single Tenant Packages

Agriculture and Forestry

Operational Turn-Arounds

Timeshares and Fractional
Golf Club Facilities
Resort Management

Development Oversight
Horizontal and Vertical

Complete Transaction Cycle

Complex Transaction Resolution



Dennis Flaherty, has over 18 years of wholesale commodity trading, risk management and hedging experience.


Mr. Flaherty has been the CEO of his fund management companies since 2005 to present and has committed himself to enhance the well-being of his accredited investors, by constructing and managing, world class, unbiased structured and commodity transactions.

From 2002 to 2005 Mr. Flaherty ran his own consulting and investment firm providing risk management solutions to energy trading firms using a unique process of risk mitigation through regulatory decision indexing and investing in alternative investments for his family office.

Prior to 2002, Mr. Flaherty was a member of the senior management teams of Cinergy, Dynegy and Vitol Gas & Electric, establishing, and managing multiple electricity basis trading desks. In his different roles he amassed a record of success generating significant profits through the implementation of creative transaction ideas, disciplined risk management and demanding perfection on execution from himself and his teams.


Mr. Flaherty has a Master's in Public and International Affairs with a major in Economic and Social Development Energy Management, from the University of Pittsburgh (’96). He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northeastern University (’94) where he graduated magna cum laude.



Mr. Colon has spent over 25 years focused on corporate structure, compliance and management with experience in both oversight as well as direct management.


Mr. Colon started his career in Arthur Andersen in 1992 auditing companies across multiple industries throughout North and South America. This experience gave Anthony exposure to; telecommunications, real estate, manufacturing, hospitals, life and casualty insurance, and medical providers.

In 1995, he was selected to join a private M&A firm acquiring target companies in Latin America which led to a four year assignment in Argentina as Controller and General Manager. He then returned from Argentina to lead and restructure the parent company. During his tenure he underwrote several debt for asset, debt for equity swaps and oversaw the disposition of the portfolio.

For the next six years, Antonio focused on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, business consulting, and valuation analysis. He provided audits within the Insurance industry underwriting insurance and loan portfolios and auditing serving agreements. He developed a proprietary method of evaluating loan portfolios base on an analysis of key performance indicators of each asset.

He went on to lead an acquisition of a major Medicare provider in Puerto Rico and then served as Controller of a regional cable company being guided through a takeover.

dBefore joining Great Bay Global Antonio used his experience in the medical and insurance industry to develop senior care facilities in Puerto Rico.


CFO & Chief Risk Officer

Eric J. Sánchez has over 16 years of experience in the compliance and financial industry.


For Three years he worked with Ernst & Young, LLC New York Financial Services Office where he provided assurance services to private equity funds, hedge funds and mutual funds.

He subsequently moved to his native Puerto Rico and began working for PricewaterhouseCoopers where he provided assurance services to private equity funds, banks and manufacturing clients.

In 2010, he accepted the position of Controller at Rock Solid Technologies, a software developing and service providing company where he was responsible for financial reporting.

In January 2012, he was hired as a Controller of Great Bay Energy, LLC, where he manages the financial reporting, FERC and markets compliance reporting and risk monitoring.

In July 2015, Eric became the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Great Bay Global, LLC.


Eric J. Sánchez, CPA, graduated from NYU Stern School of Business in 2003.


General Counsel

Mr. Little has over twenty years of experience as a business lawyer, both in private practice and as a senior in-house executive counsel.


His primary areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, corporate governance and transactions, complex litigation and dispute resolution, and legal risk management.

As an in-house attorney, Ted most recently served as the general counsel to a mortgage origination firm based in the northeastern United States. As the general counsel, Ted advised senior executives on legal and risk management issues. He oversaw all legal issues affecting the company, including regulatory compliance and best practices, litigation, taxation, banking audits, real estate, intellectual property, employment, and transactional matters. Ted also oversaw training of sales and processing personnel and advised senior management concerning the implementation of new regulations under federal and state law.

As a partner in private practice with an AmLaw 200 law firm, Ted represented the firm’s clients in several areas of complex commercial dispute resolution and litigation, including federal securities litigation involving reporting and disclosure issues, arbitration and consumer actions involving telecommunications and data storage clients, lender and trustee liability, territorial distributorship disputes, bankruptcy adversary actions and preference issues, public company directors and officers liability, computer fraud, commercial leasing, trade secrets, intellectual property (trademark and copyright), real estate development and joint venture disputes, and commercial insurance coverage.


Mr. Little holds a bachelor’s degree in Government from Dartmouth College, and a Juris Doctor from American University, Washington College of Law.


Managing Director
Hydrocarbon Trading

Robert Stier is A 30-year energy professional who is experienced in process engineering and business management. He has over 20 years of experience in trading desk related activities.


Early in his career Mr. Stier worked in ICI Americas, Cain Chemical and Oxychem, three hydrocarbon processing companies where he worked for more than 10 years.

In 1997 his experience led him to work as a Vice President of Market Analysis and Trading, serving for Koch Supply & Trading. Here he was tasked to improve the analysis capabilities and trading strategies across the international refining and hydrocarbon value chain. He also helped build a sustainable trading platform which generated more than $100mm in average gross trading profits per year.

In 2010 he started working as Head of North American Petrochemicals for Cargill. Here he built the North American Petrochemical Risk Management and Trading business, while also creating the prop trading business form the ground up.

Mr. Stier has been with Great Bay Global since 2015 and has been an integral part in the opening of our Huston office, where he manages the hydrocarbons trading desk.


Robert studied in Lafayette College, where he graduated Cum Laude and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. He also got an Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering, was a Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer and was elected to the Tau Beta Pi Honors Society. He is also Series 3 certified.


Managing Director

Richard Higgs has over 25 years of experience in FOREX, Fixed Income Securities, Interest Rate Derivatives, Treasury Products, Equities and Energy and Commodities.


Richard Higgs’ career took off when he started working for Tullet Prebon, a company that operates as an intermediary in wholesale financial markets, and where he stayed for more than 22 years.

Richard grew inside the company to become Senior Managing Director of Emerging Markets, after working in Sydney, London, New York and Sao Paulo, where he was responsible of managing various teams of traders.

After a successful career in brokering, Richard funded and managed Big 3 Packaging, LLC, a successful, Philadelphia based, chemical manufacturer whose core business is to research, develop and manufacture proprietary commercial cleaning chemicals for the JanSan Industry. Big 3 Packaging holds a number of US patents pertaining to its chemical formulations and processes.


Richard is a Series 24 General Securities Registered Principal [Q1 2009], a Series7 General Securities Registered Representative [Q3 2006] and Series 3 National Commodities and Futures Representative and Series 34 Off-Exchange Foreign Exchange Representative [Q4 2016]. Richard has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of New England.


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